About this site

This site is brought to you by Perry Ruiter.  I recall as a five or six year old the highlight of a trip into the city would be the chance to spot a police officer on a motorcycle so I guess I have been intrigued by motorcycles nearly all my life.  My interest became focused on antique American motorcycles when I was in my mid twenties.  To support my family I have a real day job.  To support my antique motorcycle habit I now have a small hobby/business restoring various components used on antique motorcycles.

Site philosophy

The site's philosophy could be summed up as "Parts should cost money but information should be free".  I  think the value of the Internet is the dissemination of information.  The goal of this site is to make information as widely available as possible.  This means trying to accommodate all users.  Whenever possible I try not to override your browser's settings for text or background colour.  People who are colour-blind may have configured their browsers to display pages in colours they can see.  Overriding this default might prevent them from accessing some pages.

I'm not colour blind, but even I have trouble at some sites that seem to favour blinking orange or red flaming text on a black background.  You won't find any of that nonsense here.

In general I find frames a waste of screen real estate so I don't use them.

I've tried to avoid the gratuitous use of graphics.  Every graphic used will have an intelligent alternative text associated with it.  By doing this, pages still make sense even if graphics have been turned off or if using a none graphical browser.  Any graphics used are compressed.  If there is an unusually large graphic I'll try to warn you so you can decide whether you really want to see it.

The intent here, of course, is to make a site that loads fast regardless whether you're surfing at work with bandwidth greater than my server's or if you're halfway around the world using a dial-up modem via a barbed wire fence.  Adding some pointless flash wastes not only your time but mine as well.  I would rather spend my time working in the shop or adding more information to this site.

I welcome suggestions or constructive criticism about this site.  If you have any comments you wish to share please email me.

Site host

I (gladly) pay real dollars to host this site.  This means you will never see an annoying pop up ad when you visit pages here.  This site is hosted at toyhouse.org.  Dave Hennessey is the proprietor and is an antique motorcycle enthusiast himself.  He gives me a great monthly rate which keeps my costs down.  If you want great service at great prices talk to toyhouse for your web hosting needs (I am in no way remunerated for making this recommendation).
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