The Novelists Society
This society is for young female authors who wish to better themselves through writing and reading.
It is the goal of this society for all it's members to, at one point, be published.
Through this society, works in progress may be shared, and commented on so that the stories could be made better.
Only constructive criticism please! :)
Also through this society you may share sites that have helpful writing tips.
But this society is not just about writing... it is about reading as well. 
For to quote Maxine Trottier, "Read endlessly.  Immerse yourself in the world of words." 
So in this society we will also discuss books, and recommend good ones to other memebers.
Also, through reading, you may get ideas for your own books, and learn of different writing styles.

Cadmium ArcIven
Summer C. Terranova
Natalie Scriven